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Maxine |
This is such a delight ~ Thank you;
October 11 2011 - Cornwall, England;
michele mattia |
I have read some of your poetry ;2 questions ,1) why can't I be gifted like that 2) Why do I have to pick a favorite ; xox MMattia
August 11 2011 - St-Jean Qc;
Mike Shklanka |
It was a real pleasure meeting you, Gerry; Am looking forward to reading all your poetry; So far I kinda liked "Question"; Keep writing!
July 29 2010 - Cochrane, AB;
Susan Chimiuk |
Amazing -- I love poetry and you are truly gifted; many of your poems
hold spirit, by that it reaches ones soul, or a piece one forgot through
the Labyrinth of our time here
December 4 2009 - Canada
Suzanne Norrington |
November 18 2009 - Edmonton, AB Canada
Ean |
Good Poetry Gerry hope to see you soon;
November 4 2009 - Edmonton/Canada
azim jessa |
hey buddy
March 2 2009 - edmonton
Catherine Lindsey |
Free verse is my passion! You are very good with it;
February 18 2009 - Port Orchard, WA USA
MarZam |
Just love your poems!
January 25 2009 - Canada
lil-sassy75 |
If not but for a brief moment in time, it was as if the world stood still; I could hear the echoes of my heart, had I found a long lost part of my soul; It wasn't meant to be, yet! I wonder who she was;Okay! I'm no poet, but I truly look forward to becoming mesmerized, by your wonderful work; Perhaps we'll venture upon another card table, until then! I shall anxiously await; Take care;Keri
January 20 2009 - Smithfield-America

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