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YOUR HOSTS - Gerry & Dee
Something new is coming soon to our
Poetry pages. Stay tuned!
February 12 2012 - Vancouver
michael j sullivan |
A warm blend on a chilly day
Ever grateful dear Mattia family
You provide readers with a bevy of talented poets
Allowing all participants’ ingredients to waft into
This brew of delicious poems
December 19 2011 - new jersey
Gabrielle |
I love poetry so much! It's a great way for me to express myself and I really appreciate people like you giving us a chance to show the world what we can do! Thank you!
October 22 2011 - Canada
Dean-na |
I have just started grade 11. My favorite subject is english and i love to write poems on everthing. I want to be a writer on day.
October 3 2011 - Kingston , Ontario
Matt Brazeau |
I write with my heart and soul, not with my hands.
September 8 2011 - Canada
Subramanian A |
I am very happy to be back here once again. Some years ago, I had participated in your contest and one of my poems was chosen into the final list. I use to write poetry and essays and if one searches the Google main page for 'Ravi Panamanna', he will be taken to my various links. I wish the authorities all success in the promotion of good poetry.
July 18 2011 - Palakkad - Kerala - India
Benjamin Steinmeier |
I am an upcoming university student who would like to someday have my poems
published and perhaps become the next great Canadian poet
June 11 2011 - British Columbia, Canada
Basil T. Fillis |
Thanks for having me, a Capetonian
with high hopes!
May 25 2011 - Cape Town South Africa
Dietra Reid |
Very beautiful presentation.
April 9 2011 - Maryland, USA
mary anne mobile |
My grandfather is Nicola Mattia born in 1876 in Italy.
I'm told his mothers' name was Antoinette. any help
would be appreciated.
March 20 2011 - italy

Our Comments   This is not enough information for me to help. One name, one year, it sounds like a beginning. Good luck.
Dee Mattia
Richard Anthony Mattia |
I am the son of Giuseppe Antonio Francesco Mattia.
Grandson Francesco Mattia and Antoinette Mattia.
March 13 2011 - Medicine Hat, Alberta
andre mattia |
Hi are you.
August 22 2010
Pat St. Pierre |
Glad to hear that you are feeling better, Dee. Hopefully having the contest to look
forward to will be like friends cheering you on.
May 10 2010 - Wilton, CT USA
Lucio Muñoz |
Nice to hear your health is good now Dee, the competition
took a break but the inspiration it has irradiated on me
is now growing into Spanish too.
Good luck with the next competition.

March 20 2010 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Eliza Maria de Lima Oliveira |
Hello! This site gives me the opportunity to learn more about poetry
and also motivates me to show the poems
I have written. Thank you!
September 7 2009 - Brazil
Mattia Maria |
Merci pour ce voyage dans le pays de vos ancêtres qui sont peut être liés aux miens .
August 23 2009 - France
romualdo mabuan |
i am happy to have come across this site.
July 31 2009 - quezon city, philippines
Stella Armour |
i have only recently started writing poetry, i hope yopu enjoy my poems
July 15 2009 - England
Marcus Daniel Mattia |
Hello. I have the same surname as you and have never understood the origins of my family, who are obviously originally from somewhere in Italy. I have lived in Napoli and Umbria for the last 20 years but was born in Guildford, England from a father who is also unaware of our origins. Any help about a region or location in Italy would be welcome.
July 1 2009 - Italy (and England)

Our Comments   Cannot help you, we are not related.
Thank you for signing our guestbook.
Violeta Arzadon |
Your website is a hope to budding poets.
June 24 2009 - Quezon City, Philippines

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