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susan langton |
Hi thank you so much for allowing me to enter your contest..This is a great site!
February 16 2006 - United Kingdom..formerly illinois,usa
Faerie Garden-Tender |
I came to sprinkle love and joy in your life for Valentine's Day, and had such a lovely visit! The pictures from Italy of your ancestors' village were fabulous! Thank you for sharing!
February 12 2006 - A secret faerie grotto in N. California
Cher Howland |
Love this site! Amazing, the amount of talent out there. Nice that you have provided poets a site, to be able to express their talents! Thanks.
February 7 2006 - Vancouver, Canada
Mallika Sothinathan |
Thank you for your support.
November 14 2005 - Canada
Sherry Elaine Eubank |
As this is a season of thanks I am thankful to the mattia website.I have learned alot from the Mattia website as a writer. They gave me a chance to put confidence in my work, and then they reminded me never forget to give thanks to those who have helped you. Thank you for guiding me as a writer.Winner,finalist or not I am thankful.
November 8 2005 - United States

Our Comments   Dear Sherry:
This requires a very warm "thank you!"
On behalf of our family -Sincerely - Dee Mattia
Cheryl Searles. |
This site is truly an inspiration and a place of respite for me.
I am so glad I wandered in.
November 2 2005 - Australia
Samuel J Casey |
i'm so looking forward to submit my poems for the contest, and toget some reviews
October 14 2005 - Victoria, B.C. Canada
Nadine St. Jean |
Great pictures. Nice to meet you cousin.
October 3 2005 - Rhode Island
Fred Barnes |
Great poetry-most of it done in a way I
can understand.
September 15 2005 - Halifax-N.S. -Canada
Me encontre con esta página buscando datos sobre el apellido, mis origenes se encuentran en Italia, quizas sea simple casualidad. un abrazo desde Argentina y es muy bonita la página.
September 6 2005 - BUENOS AIRES - ARGENTINA

Our Comments   (Translated loosely by me)
I came to this page for information on my last name. My origins are Italian. A hug from Argentina. Your pages are very pretty.
C. Mattia
Thanks for your site! I am from Italy - Verona. Like this site!
August 29 2005
Your site is a really useful one! I'd like to encourage you to continue. Greetings from Manchester, UK!
August 29 2005
Great site and guestbook! Thanks!
August 28 2005
Hello! I just found this site in google. Great site, guys! Greatings from Minessota!
August 28 2005
Debbie Roxborough |
Thanks so much for the opportunity to show my poetry to others.
August 26 2005 - Toronto,Canada
Helen Howell |
An interesting and clearly laid out site. Thank you.
August 23 2005 - South Africa
Anita |
Now that you are settling into your new home, I want to say "welcome back!"
Your site is beautiful as usual.

August 22 2005 - Victoria BC
this site is extremely attractive and the best one i have visited.Very artistic and classy.god bless!
August 21 2005 - bangalore,india
Cooperativa Paraguay |

Curriculum de Hurard claude
Paraguai Py Mercosur Asuncion Business Paraguay
August 19 2005 - Assumption Paraguay
Fernanda | |
We are group of women who together are trying to build strong and long friendship.
We hope you would consider joining us!
May your day be bright!
Looking forward to see you there.

MzFe and Ana

Image hosted by
August 2 2005 - CT, USA

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