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This is one of the best contest sites that I have found yet, and will definitly recommend it.
July 26 2005 - Oklahoma
Vivek Kumar Singhal | |
This is a wonderful effort for the poetry lovers and may this continue till long! Really wonderful to be here!
July 24 2005 - Nabha, India
Terri Granger |
I am truly inspired when I see the warmth, love and honesty written in the poetry on the Mattia Site. Long may you continue.
July 18 2005 - United Kingdom
L. Michael Black |
This world of delusion is a shadow caused by the mind. From the same mind, the world of enlightenment appears.
July 15 2005 - Los Angeles, California
Nicole |
your site is the best i have seen for this type of contest.
July 5 2005 - USA
Uhhh....this site is cool...I like the poetry....Yeah
June 25 2005
gopalakrishna.c.s |
Dear Mattia Family, thank you for this great poem network.It is realy very nice and a fair one too.I read a poem written by kriti bajaj named "The way of life" and found it as a nice collection in a bunch of rose flowers. Your website helping me lot in order to improve my writing skills.I got inspiration again to live in this universe.
June 24 2005 - India
Nance | |
Great site, great poetry
June 23 2005 - Vancouver
Thank you for making a simple poetry site and competition available. I only started writing this year and felt a desire to seek others who have the same heart and vision.
June 21 2005 - Toronto, Canada
Matthew Paduano
I just did a search of Ripabotoni and your site was the first listed. I was born there and have not been back since I was 10 years old back in 1974. My mother's mother (Dolce)still lives there but was displaced by the earthquake from a few years back. One of these days I'll get back there.
June 13 2005 - Syracuse, NEW York, USA
Robert Louis Frenza
GREAT WEBSITE! GREAT JOB! I'm looking for any info you or anyone has on my great grandfather LEONARDO FRENZA. If you can help pls email me: or call me at (209) 955 1015, or write to me at: 9610 Varallo Court, Stockton, CA 95212. Thank you!
May 29 2005 - Stockton, California
Daniel Stevens
I've been looking for a nice clean poetry site, and I've found it!! Bless your hearts and keep up the good work. Stay Gold "Phantom Poet"
May 15 2005 - Palm Coast, Florida
Lee Down
A closet writer / poet, many are encouraging more for me. In searching, I came across your site via - glad to pop-in for a visit and to participate. :)
May 15 2005 - Vancouver, British Colmbia, Canada
Desperately seeking a way to keep "SPAMMERS" from posting their ulgy words in this guestbook.Until we do, only names and a message are required. Thank you for your patience . . . Dee
May 14 2005 - Montreal Quebec
natalie loyer westover |
this sites kool
May 14 2005 - hemmingford, quebec
Sherrry Eubank |
You have a keen eye for good poetry. I was reading some of the poetry you placed on the Finalist Board. I was impressed at the broad selections--hate,feminism,multicultural,domestics, economics, and spiritual. You deal with real issues that affect real people in a real society.
May 13 2005 - United States
Sonja Smolec | |
Thank you for this very nice and interesting site and competition.
Good luck to all competitors!
May 12 2005 - Europe - Croatia
Andrea MATTIA |
I was born in 1938. Not 1939. Is that a picture of my Joshua ? would be nice to hear from you.
May 11 2005
Pepito Family | |
Pretty neat! Keep up the good work.

Pepito Family
May 3 2005 - Philippines
Atasie Michael N. |
Thanks for creating the opportunity for young poets to express themselves
May 2 2005 - Nigeria

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