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R. Manoj Mohan |
Hope you are doing fine, Dee and Gerry. The 13th competition is much more
refined than the earlier ones, mainly due to the absence of crazy spammers.
The site looks perfect.

I agree with Ms. Goder regarding a new web page for feedback from the readers.
Looking forward to reading some great stuff this year too!

June 22 2009 - India

Our Comments   Thank you Manoj - from all of us.
Kephiyrah |
thank you for the opportunity to post my poems.i love poetry
May 20 2009 - Bahamas
Irma Goder |
I like this site, the way its designed, the way it looks and feels.
Its great to be able to share your writing with others, will be better if we
could get some comments from the readers too, as
at the moment there are not many sites which offer that.

Happy 2009! and many years for this site to exist.

Thank you
January 16 2009 - England
Katie Mcneice |
I am an eighteen year old Irish female writer who wishes to get stuck
into the writing community in Ireland and abroad. I write from the soul
and the heart, and discipline the two with the mind at times. Perhaps just
to protect them. Competitions like this are a great opportunity to express that.)
January 9 2009 - Ireland
Donovan Campbell |
Thanx for creating an opportunity for me to share my creativity with others.
January 10 2009 - England
Terence Sewell |
I just want to share my poetry with a wider stage
and become a better poet.
January 1 2009 - Stowmarket, Ipswich Suffolk
Gerda (Lee) Lawrence |
Love everything about your site and all the colors.
You are talented and beautiful my dear friend. Love you.
December 20 2008 - Montreal, Canada

Our Comments   Thank you my friend. Love you too!
s neelakantan |
Dear readers, I am from India.
Please read my poem and comment.
I have posted it with great expectations.
December 18 2008 - India
R. Manoj Mohan |
This is the first time I am visiting your guestbook.
I was suprised to see that poets from so many countries
have left their mark on the competition as well the guestbook pages.
Keep up the good work - we really appreciate it!
November 2 2008 - Ernakulam, India
Sacha Mattia |
Love the site, wish I knew how we were related.
My father is Nicholas and his parents were straight from Italy,
Dominica and Vincent Mattia.
October 21 2008 - Long Island, New York
Julie Jose |
What a beautiful website! A well organized site.
I am very happy to be a part of it.
October 6 2008 - India
Sara Dee |
What a wonderful find.
What a wonderful gift. Thank you!
September 30 2008 - England UK
Agnes Clarke |
Thank you for the pleasure you
have given me in reading the
poems listed and for giving me
the chance to enter your
September 25 2008 - Lisburn N. Ireland
Preeti |
I really love your website!
Its serene and so organized!
I will look forward to your new
contests on poetry! Bravo!!!
July 5 2008 - India
David Cope |
I have enjoyed reading the poetry on your site.
Thank you for your efforts. Keep up the good work.
June 8 2008 - Miamisburg, Ohio/United States
richard james foy |
I have not written for 9 years.
thank you for your site which prompted
me to start again. since moving to
Spain I have been lazy and idle.
May 21 2008 - San Juan D Alacante Spain
Deana Mattia |
Cool site. Do you know how many Mattia's
you're related to? It isn't a very common name.
April 8 2008 - Ontario Canada

Our Comments   Have a look at the Mattia Site
it does have numbers.
Bill Coppens |
Hello and Thank You for doing this
March 1 2008 - Canada
Daniel de Culla |
You're a Promise and a Delight¡
March 1 2008 - Spain
Subrata Ashe |
This competition is realy exciting
February 14 2008 - India

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