Most people have no knowledge of Webpage design, or haven't the time, or simply
don't want to bother but, they really would like their own Website. If this sounds
a little like you . . . let us design and set up your Website, we will do all the work
for you, at a very low cost! Here are just some items included:

ROSEAny design you wish is available.
ROSEThis includes applets, colors, photos.
ROSESubmit photos of your choice.
ROSEYour logo may be a photograph, or your name.
ROSEMusic may also be included on your site.
ROSEE-mail address "anti-spam" coded.
ROSEA small monthly fee will maintain your webpages/site
ROSEWe can arrange your site name, your personal e-mail & more.
So . . . Go ahead open your world to this idea . . . at a very low price. Lets discuss it.
All information is confidential. Enjoy your own Website to share with friends and family on the www.
Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for completion of your site, depending on the amount of pages.
Buttons below are "sample only" - Please e-mail for a quote -