Lounging in my bathtub filled with hot bubbly
scented water a candle glowing in the dark
along with Jose Felicano singing softly
makes me feel young, soft and sensuous.

I am alive with a sense of well being.
The world around me disappears. My private
space is soothing. The only sound I hear
is music soft and calming. Stress and worry
pass away into pleasant thoughts of things
to come. On occasion sipping on a glass of
chilled white wine I dream my private fantasies.

They are all of you. The way you hold my
hand at dinner and then you whisper...
"let's go home". The way you smile when I agree
then you tell me how much you want me.
Your touch is like the sizzle of a roaring
fire when it smokes and flares and smells
of trees and warmth. We never feel the bitter
cold outside, the heat of our togetherness
is passionate and strong. Our senses fill with
want for one another, our bodies tremble fiercely
in a climax of desire. Then back to earth we
tumble spent and happily content with satisfaction.

Suddenly . . . I return to the real world
the water has gone cold. I know its time to leave
my space and prepare for your arrival.

My fantasy becomes reality as I light another
candle awaiting for the warmth of you to be
with me tonight.

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