We've been apart so long my thoughts
have only been sweet memories of you
...until your letter came this morning.
My life was all in order my mind made up
to live without you, to keep my thoughts
upon my future goals
. . . until your letter came this morning.

Now I'm in torment saying I won't see you
but, in my heart I know I will.
My strength to stay away from you is gone.
A weakness in my soul is taking over.
If only for an hour or a day
I know that passion will possess me.
We'll say "hello", I will be calm.
My heart will cry for you to love me.

My lover...let me go, please let me be.
Make it easy, turn away from me.
Is it so hard for you to do
or is it that our destiny was always one?

Six days remain to find the strength
that made me break away so long ago.
Each day will be an agony.
The past is being renewed...
the reading of your words
this morning made it so.


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