There hasn't been a need to show it
. . . its always there.
The emptiness and loneliness when no
one was around made me special
in a way. It hid the hurt. I took what
I was given, with boundless stride.
It was a gift to love so I
wrapped my presents with great care.

Mistakes were made along the way
and all I learned, I shared.
The feeling of being loved showed me
those who said I'd never make it
were those who never really cared.

The tiny package wrapped so well
that some one left behind in hopes
. . . the tiny bundle would have more
without them, has become the major part
of packaging in a world so filled with

I've hated and I've loved.
I've wanted and desired.
I've envied and I've wished until
I've become sick of all my wants
What it has shown . . . is an
unfulfilled desire to be the best
that I can be. To be the person
that I am. To look around and
see all those who love me.

Through the years, when failing
was forgiveness, and lows were at
their lowest level . . .
I hope with all my being that I
became the perfect packager of love.


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