i could use you

i could use your snort-like laugh on really odd days
even capture thoughts of myself when Iím imperfect. . . and not
i might venture to mimic my own energy for the love you give away
might even try to write a longer line. . . than the one above. . . nope. . . pretty much your smile
keeps all things in a picture you never seem to be in
i could use your dust on those rose-color glasses that you take off the shelf
just to see rust disappear
souls and steel donít mind much for that kind of erosion
you suck, in your choices sometimes. . . we all do
i could perhaps borrow your tickled distraction of the world
for those times when weight exceeds my plea to. . . wait
the walkers and rushers here. . . do so with heads down
i could use you more around
i could use