some say, “i still think of you now”
some are just getting over, “the way we used to be”
then again there are some
that don’t quite get what, “used to be”
not their fault i guess, just
a kind of laziness
a story, mommy read to them once. . .
ain’t no mommys comin’ a runnin’ to us now, are there baby?
ain’t no story-book-stroke of the hair
any time soon burstin’ in the room, wavin’
a coin for a tooth placed under a pillow
ya, it’s just me and you now with lungs for the deep-end
a kind’a poignant, pointed shallow-end-somehow
a kind’a perfect, picture make-me-not-sure how
you got where you got now
if i’m to be sure
i’m pretty certain that you’re
out there now
wandering through some
wondering through how
we grew