do you know how many times you & iíve died?

do you know how many times
you & iíve died?
i donít think you do
letís start with . . .

i fell out, fell far, fell hard
from a tree
you dropped off
the monkey-bars
i stepped into the invitation
of a strangerís car
you grabbed a wire. . . bare
i dove, with confidence, in shallow water
you took a dare
i stayed too long on a railway track
you found a hill and Ďjack & jillíedí your back
in fact
both you & i. . . at the same time
tried something new
i went green, you turned out blue
i remember too
crossing against the light
looked left, shouldíve looked right
itís amazing to me, that weíre able to say
no matter how many times you & iíve died
Ďwe live another dayí



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