funny how little things finally come together

i’ve spent time with my father
and too, his sister
and not a one of them was ‘off’ the way they thought
oh, I can tell you
‘bout the time they spent apart out here in the dead and alive
i can take you to them both now -- try this on for size:
“if my sister is here, I will see her”
“if my brother has forgiven his anger, I will see him”
amazing how all the, ‘take us all away’ from each other eventually brings us all together
obligations are pretty much old souls with blood behind them that stop, starting over
oh, it was bitter then and it can be biting now
after all, there is nothing more lasting than the last-lasting words
kind or not
before he died, i can tell you that his sister lost some of her venom for the world
and before she cried after he died, his sister actually made sense of loss
not an easy thing
for both of them, no matter when
he might have finally figured it all out, just the way he and his sis should operate
just the way those two were separate, while the rest of us were slapping wings on our ears
for a quiet talk the two of them once got to share
yes i spent time with my father and his sister too
and now, so did you