until you give it, you will not see it
you quite simply will not
oh, you can want it
but ‘want’ is a form of ‘take’
and you can never take, to have -- except for anger and money
that kind of want you can easily achieve
“Give and take” has been a lie to you
a practice you accept for a phrase you once heard
no. . . you will not. . . ever. . . get this by wanting
you want this?
you gotta give this
this one ain’t no passing by occasion
first time you tried, you wanted – fair enough
there ain’t no next after that
you got the lesson when you kindergarten’d somewhere in your teens
no in between. . . here
no amount of years can pass
no guarantee that if you didn’t pick it up then. . . you will someday
listen. . . read well
until you stop wanting
you will not get, giving
you will be without love.