if i had to giggle
manage a struggle
there’d be many a scholar i’d neither care to assuage, nor crumble, neither careful fix to
nor deny my brothers’ children their brilliant
i would offer my always, young ones this:
we are Mattia
there is no danger in being ‘we’
no bits of friends that we won’t always remember well
ask your daddy my little ones
they’ll stand tall as those that watch over you
and you will come to be towers for us
Mattia is a name
and we have no doubt that it is well by you
do not wish for world to follow
do not care for sound to echo
carry, resounding stance
neither neighbor, stumble, shallow
next door, nor, follow
care for happenstance
not do neither forward either
not do careful go
hurry, ‘sembling chance
never near humble swallow
nix done n’er narrow
careful, for happenchance
be faces we see now without doubt
voice a great opinion
carry a proud
place, we all hope for you to be well brought up in