it’s sunday nite at the market

there’s a slurpee cup in a mart that don’t quite get filled to the top
too, a shoppin’ cart that can’t keep up
i caught you there, lazy sunday’s aside
i caught you like that, with nothin’ to say
out lookin’ for a whole lot of nothin’
lookin’ for a whole lot of lookin’
go ahead, you , there’s a lot to sell on a slow day
even if you aren’t in the market
you and me we’re goin’ no where that’s
no where we ain’t been goin’, fast
with all we ain’t got, we ain’t got need
everythin’ we been readin’s been a leadin’
to nothin’ left to say and all that’s been a leanin’
to all the needin’ we trapped to be young
you better take everythin’ you ought to
take your time too
today ‘what you meant to say’ opened up that mouth you got
before your words started to talk, and
before you rebelled to that corner you always seem to narrow
don’t forget ‘bout that shimmy there at the bottom of your wheel barrel
it’s a sunday wheel needin’ and lookin’ whole lot
like a. . . sturdy. . . smart
shoppin’ cart