There’s a chance i took
to make you very disappointed
pretty much disrupted the kindness and tossed the patience
a glass under the tap, emptying for something colder i guess
the tag that i came with did not bear the warning, “Do not remove”
an admission that some things i do with my freedom, can remove me
can place me where i make sense to everyone around me
as long as there’s distance there
i get it now, fully understood
the smiles around me as of late are perhaps for a mind perceived as lost
Or, then again, an email about how i will
“never. . . be right about peoples’ opinion”
i have no loss for fear in my heart
and gain from the strange we grew up in
opinion is an onion
so many write about for obvious layers
i choose to be the farmer
filling baskets and not worrying about what’s under the skin
peel that back and try crying again
like only you could, last time you did something bad