things that should slow us down

this is not just another day
it's quite simply not
I drive myself into a Starbucks
long enough to lid a latte
and say nothing for once . . . some silence is truly 'golden'
eventually i'll elevate myself to someplace . . . someday
where i might even try faithfully flying in my sleep
but for now
i wish to find the things that should slow us down
that truly Dali clocks
i should desire to remember how a banana splits
or where Wanda left the key to her rollerskate
i should spell the word 'happy'
in mashed potatoes . . .with that fork my mother always gave me
i could too, include
an at 2am, playing the best tinny-tune it can from such a tiny speaker
like it had heart
oh,and what if i wanted to add . . . something that starts
with "imagine that . . ."
i would have to believe 'that would be something'
i would have to drag myself from this coffee house
take the kid off for once
and drink this warm thing in my hand
like i've been doing for so long with the sound of the ones i love
i should try that more often
talking with an inherent sense of listening
lazying my walk to a height that tall would look up to
i really should too, try, spending more time
spending more time with me

Dec 2007