this is then

you have to be almost like me after all this time now
the same memories that, as old as we, think not far off like you and me did and do
I never once guessed how they all are now, our many’s of us
the ones that we grew up with are pictures i ‘like’ of their kids
see them everyday
but I don’t see you
yes i look for you
but not in here, anymore
i’m certain for the searching that you want nothing
with the past. . . you of all were more apt to move on beyond that
You must be graceful by now for a radio dial replaced for a digital touch
you must have a child now. . .
i wonder how you manage your child for a broken heart
if not now, coming
cookies and ice cream, maybe shopping
all my writing
all my quiet hours
still effort the wondering
reduce the chances that you’ll type back
hey, how you doing?