because I am ignorant

I take up a gun and with ease of will. . . aim
I joke, even to myself, that joking of the colour of my brother’s skin is acceptable
I take for granted that the woman near me now should be tolerant, for that is what I confused my mom to be
I fast forward the troubles of my own brothers and, by that, have no right to claim friends are as close to my heart
I spend more time now looking down at a small screen because the big one in my office was not taught how to capture me
I watch the news and am Teflon
I walk, with no problem, past human beings on the street (____ insert every human condition possible here)
I believe that every religious day is religious without knowing why
I get angry sometimes and that moment lasts longer in my day than the “Good morning” that someone sincerely gave me
i live and breathe and move like this. . . every single day.