Dear Santa (a parentís letter)

I have not written you in so long
Iím worried that I have forgotten how
Thereís so much to ask for, and, it seems
Iíve not a spot of Ďchildí left in me now
Some friends are getting on, some family now departed
truth is I might be going through the motions
of Christmas, somewhat half-hearted...
The last time I wrote you Iím sure
I asked for a bike, or a game
This letter, this Christmas, finds me with children now
Their letters have wishes for things I somewhat know
I fear I gave them the want for all that is naught
items so far from the heart
distant from imagination
Hard it has been
to withhold every whim
yet easy to quell from birthdays to graduation
I am writing you from the heart
one more letter
and the way I remember
it should start:
ďIíve been good this year. . .Ē
Somewhere in it Iíll ask for them to be less entitled
and for me to be a little more spot on as a child.